12 April 2013

Would you believe that the material for the tents is still not sewn!

But we do have a new Stargate and a much improved castle (now with a ramp leading to the drawbridge).

There will be about 15 of us heading to Ironfest this year. Hope to see you there.

15 April 2012

Material for tents is still not sewn! But we do now have a throne for the castle.

Almost everything is packed into the castle and a box trailer for transport. We may even need another trailer to get everthing to Ironfest.

9 April 2012

The timber for the 4 viking tents are finished and all the ropes tied. Need to start sewing now to sew the flaps on the front and back of each tent and to hand sew in the ropes at the bottom of each main canvas (these are to pin the canvas to the ground).

Made a second seat for the kitchen (with space inside it for cooking utensils).

Stained both seats and a timber box.

30 March 2012

Spent all day staining the timbers for the tents and adding a new timber top to a table and staining it.

25 March 2012

Finished sprial carving in front timbers of tent.
Timer for 3 Viking tents have now been cut out. Just the canvas to go.
Tent constrution page now has details on making the tent.

11 Mar 2012

Took some photos of the shields for the website, finishing off the large round shield - need to take photos of it soon.
I will upload the plans for the Viking tent soon.

10 Mar 2012

Got the castle out of the shed and started setting it up for IronFest.
We will have shade cloth on each side of the castle to provide cover for the Workshop and the Armoury.
We have decided to make 3 Viking tents and to have 2 or 3 man dome tents inside them (they should fit and will be a lot warmer than just being inside the Viking tent).
Made weight inserts for the modern bullet proof vest - 2 layers of plastic and 4 layers of lead. The vest now weights about 10kg - closer to what it should weigh in real life.
Working on the Roman armour to provide a belt for the wearer.