Small items

When you first get started in Mailling it is sometimes daunting to start on a complete set of armour, start with something smaller. Here are some ideas...

Key Chains
Simple 4 in 1
Maille key chain 4 in 1 two strands  Maille key chain 4 in 1 three strands
What you will need (left):
  • 1 x key ring
  • 39 x 8 or 10 mm rings
What you will need (right):
  • 1 x key ring
  • 64 x 8 or 10 mm rings

Maille key chain byzantine Maille key chain byzantine double ring

Coaster - start making a coif and put in a double set of rings when it is the desired size.
Maille drink coaster

Here is a video of the making of a coaster, the center ring is a 10mm ring and the rest are 8mm.
The red rings are the additional rings that are 3 in 1 rather than 4 in 1. The outer row has two rings rather than one to provide a solid edge.

Here is a high resolution image of the final coaster.
What you will need:
  • 1 x 10mm ring
  • 300 x 8mm rings

Decorative mat starting with 4mm diameter rings in the center to 10mm diameter rings on the outside.
Maille Mat