Making the Rings

The rings are made from wire that is wound around a bar and then cut.

I have a winding jig that is a piece of 8mm bar that has been bent at one end to form a turning handle and has a 2mm hole in it to hold the wire. The timber part of the jig is clamped to the bench to stop it moving when winding.

Feed the end of the wire into the hole and start turning. With practice an even spring can be made every time. When the required amount is wound onto the bar cut the wire as it comes out of the hole in the bar, this will allow the spring to slide off the bar.

I use aviation snips to cut the spring into rings, but I know other people that use a hack-saw and do a cut along the length of the spring. I have heard of others that are using jewellers saws to cut the rings.
Note: The direction that you turn the handle will determine the direction of the spring. If the spring is wound the wrong way then it may not be possible to cut the rings from the spring. I use my right hand to turn and turn in a clockwise direction (when looked at from the handle end).